Being grateful….

Being grateful is an all encompassing feeling. It is a warmth that spreads throughout your body, thru your day, and throughout your life. It’s the warm, soft blanket of comforting I wear. It’s my broken down shoes that look just like my feet. It’s the smell of morning rain. Grateful is that cup of soup on a cold evening, or the feel of the book you are just finishing.
I don’t mind being completely enveloped by grateful. I’m grateful to be alive every day.


My new collection for Crate and Barrel!!!!!

“Earths Rhythm” for Crate and Barrel stores!

Artist Deb Haugen’s abstract compositions pulse with the rhythm and flux she so keenly observes in nature. In this series of three prints, she explores the passage of time, sectioning life’s processes into dynamic representations of birth, growth and decay. Using sweeping painterly gestures balanced with minutely detailed marks, she creates intriguing worlds that burst forth with creative energy and intricate complexity. Each print of the artist’s original is reproduced as a giclée print on paper, presented under glass in a matte black frame crafted of finger-jointed plantation pine.

cat-earth-rhythms-ii-print collection

cat-earth-rhythms-i-print muck and mirecat-earth-rhythms-ii-printcat-earth-rhythms-iii-print

             Thank You Crate and Barrel…..I love you guys!

                   Your style is the best xxxxxxxDeb

Spring and One Kings Lane!


in all her glory

blue moon

Here are some pieces that are available now, they are all others in varying sizes..

This is available  at until may 18th at 8 am. It’s part of a furniture and art offering.

Just a way to spruce up your home for spring and summer!

THANK YOU for supporting the efforts of independent artists!

I’m in the SURF COTTAGE!!

Daily Digs | Colorful Surf Cottage

Daily Digs | Colorful Surf Cottage

Today’s Daily Digs comes from the beautiful interior portfolio of photographer Kristin Perers via Desire To Inspire.  The spaces she photographs have a beautiful bohemian surf cottage vibe. Bright colors and rustic textures, this space gives us a hankering to wake up to the sound of the ocean waves. Even more so because that’s the one thing we’re missing in Colorado! We have to the beauty of the mountains, lush color everywhere you look, and sunshine almost every day of the year, but we’re missing the vast ocean blue at our beck and call. Here’s to dreaming of a beach vacation in this space!

Daily Digs | Colorful Surf Cottage Daily Digs | Colorful Surf Cottage Daily Digs | Colorful Surf Cottage

Daily Digs | Colorful Surf Cottage

Room design found here

How about you? Are you ready for spring or are you still in the winter dream? Our DENY Artists fit perfectly into the spring fever. We picked our favorites that inspired us for this room:

Daily Digs | Colorful Surf Cottage

Daily Digs | Colorful Surf Cottage

See the Surf Cottage Inspired Collection here!

Sunshine on Olivers Love Life….

Sunshine on Oliver's love life

Oh gosh I should not have eaten that last taco last night. Two was plenty, but NO, I had to add a third. What happened. I dreamed crazy dreams all night. First I was walking down PCH swinging a baseball bat for exercise? I don’t know makes no sense…..But I was swinging it and it flew out of my hands and into a small insurance office with those louvered glass windows across the front. Of course it shattered all of them. I scurried up the ice plant hill slipping and sliding to rescue my bat and hide it. and realized this is where my new art studio was… paintings were below on a lower terrace. Great way to become neighbors right. Well no one was around so I hid the bat, and tried to carry on as normal. Is this the sneeky part of me coming out here? Wow.

So the police come and I say….”Honestly, it just slipped out of my hands. I have no money but I’ll trade you art.”  Haaaa now I see where this is going. …….trying to barter once again!

This is hilarious.

Everyone says , no that’s o.k. you’re an artist, we understand. LOL But we will take the pink turtle one, with the baby with their arms cut off! WHAT???? See above……

Dreams are just compilations of what happens during our day. They get scrambled and end up coming out far more interesting that when they went in.

I woke up exhausted.

My art in the Crate and Barrel Spring catalog!


I cannot put into words how incredibly stoked I am to be a part of a retail store like Crate and Barrel.  Me…….. just lil ol Deb Haugen-the organic artist from Malibu!

I feel so validated, because I have such mad respect for their overall vision!

First….they ROCK! Their style is just pure perfection to my eyes! They are cool and breezy, or also warm and fuzzy when they need to be. They are slick, and smooth and ultra MODern in a good comfortable way. They are home, and comfort, and trend, and natural. They are organic and just feel damn good to your soul.

Can you tell I love them? Yikes!

I think they love my ART too………I am so, so honored to be in their stores and catalogs……LOOK for more goodness to come, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to contain myself come this Fall……I may just turn into a quivering mass of lime jello! Haaaaaa It’s a good thing! Keep watching for new news and new art!

THANK YOU to their CEO, SASCHA BOPP…… for your amazing vision!

My Organic ART

Funky babycakes

So, I guess this is why people have tagged me “The Organic Artist”. I am obsessed with time and layering withing nature and the strata I see along the creekbed behind my home.There is an intricacy in nature that you only get if you see it with your “zoom” glasses, a term I borrowed from another artist. I like seeing things in close up…extreme close up. It gives you an understanding how something was created, put together, came to be, was born.

Funky babycakes cu

Funky babycakescu3

Now you have my Zoom glasses on and see what I see. This piece is titled….Funky Babycakes….36 x 36 on canvas, acrylic, ink, pastel

An iced rose…


I painted a pink rose on canvas with an airbrush. It was years ago, and I’m bored with it. I’ve made it into a cool iced rose with a little digital help. The large rose is 48 x 60 painted in acrylic on canvas, and is for sale. Please let me know if you are interested.


New emerging artists group! OKL Wowie!

  • Deb Haugen

    “People call me ‘the Organic Artist’ because of the feel of my work,” explains Malibu-based Deb Haugen. She is “infatuated by the forms, colors, and textures of hidden worlds.” Her work is defined by sometimes sweeping, sometimes tightly controlled swaths, streaks, and strokes of color that reflect the beautiful abstractions inherent in nature.

    Deb Haugen
    Well, that’s ME and to say I’m stoked is an  under statement. Soooo happy about this!

    To see more about me and my art go visit my organic gallery at……..

Brunhilda, a kick ass kinda girl

Brunhilda……18 x 24

multi media on canvas


My husband sometimes calls me Brunhilda. I always thought that she was a witch,  I did this piece for her.

Initially known as a liberal ruler of great political acumen, she became notorious for her cruelty and avarice.

Brunhilda was raised as an Arian Christian, but upon her marriage to Sigebert, converted to Roman Catholicism. In general, she protected the church and treated Pope Gregory the Great with great respect. He wrote a series of positive letters to her; in 597 he wrote to her about interdicting pagan rites such as tree worship. Gregory of Tours was another favoured cleric; he was a trusted courtier to her and her son from 587 until his death.

All in all I’d say she was a kick ass kinda girl!