Girls just wanna have fun!

girls So these 3…..what to say.

My daughter and her 2 daughters.

One year ago they moved. They moved to Hawaii, and I thought my heart would crack in a million pieces. My daughter and her husband wanted a different life for these 2 girls, I understood. I don’t blame them. Living in an affluent area you see the trappings of wealth all around you. There had been way too many elementary school children coming out to the car pool line with their heads buried into their iphones, or ipads texting.

Texting in 5th grade???? On THEIR iphones???? NO, couldn’t be.

But sadly I see it everywhere, kids with their noses buried in video games, on the phone, etc. And not only is it kids, I see adults walking zombies, they cannot spend a moment alone, in silence. It’s so sad.

I gotta tell you, I was so sad to see them move , they live very close to me, but I will be there soon also. I went to visit, guess what we did? The girls took me to see ancient, hundreds of year old turtles laying in the sand, right across from their house on the beach. Can you imagine laying in the sand and having a conversation with a 200 yr. old turtle ….like that happens everyday? Well for my girls it does.

How amazing for these girls to experience living like this! The world was opening for them and showing what wonders it has to offer. The little one snorkels for hours lost in an underwater fantasy.

No their heads are not buried in video games, they are learning, living and thriving. I love these muchkins, and am so proud of my daughter and her husband for taking a stand. It was really tough for her. She left all of her friends, good friends that meant a lot, but the girls future was the over riding factor. She knew for the sake of her kids she had to do it.  I am so happy, and so incredibly  proud that she is the kind of Mom that she has turned out to become. Putting her fears aside, and stepping out of her box, to make a change for her girls. She cared more about their future than HER own insecurities, or fears…..I cannot tell her how amazing she is. I know how hard it was for her to step out of her comfort zone. It’s a great lesson for all of us. Take a chance, believe in your own strengths, they will see you through anything and everything, if you only give yourself a chance and the credit.


She is the kind of Mom all kids need. She is a nurturer, she is loving, she is a trooper! I couldn’t be more proud a grandma.

I love them so much!


Kaawa woman…


My Hula Girl shower curtain featured!

Daily Digs | Tropical Paradise

Tropical Paradise | Daily Digs

Take your room to funky town in today’s Daily Digs! This room is FULL of bright color and everything tropical. We think this look would be perfect for a vacation home or for that bright and eccentric individual that LOVES color as much as we do. Photographed by rockstar Polly Wreford, this space screams out in glorious energy in it’s color and spunk.

Think you can handle the fun? We put together an inspired collection from our DENY Artists to help you rise to the challenge!

Tropical Paradise | Daily Digs Tropical Paradise | Daily Digs

Room images via here

Shop the entire Tropical Paradise Collection here!

Tropical Paradise | Daily Digs

See the Tropical Paradise Collection here!

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she’s glowing in spring…

she's glowing in spring frThis is how my daughter looks to me, happy, yellow, tan, and springy….I guess life in Hawaii can do that to you! I always feel more yellow, and happy there.

The cool of Spring

green wht tone

I just love the cool of Spring. I love the misty mornings at the beach

Fog hangs over the mountains like a Japanese painting, so delicate and mysterious.

I love the way it makes you feel walking down the road and looking up at those huge mountains that are draped delicately in the clouds.

It makes you feel so tiny and insignificant.

I want to create a cool temps with my art.


I’m in the SURF COTTAGE!!

Daily Digs | Colorful Surf Cottage

Daily Digs | Colorful Surf Cottage

Today’s Daily Digs comes from the beautiful interior portfolio of photographer Kristin Perers via Desire To Inspire.  The spaces she photographs have a beautiful bohemian surf cottage vibe. Bright colors and rustic textures, this space gives us a hankering to wake up to the sound of the ocean waves. Even more so because that’s the one thing we’re missing in Colorado! We have to the beauty of the mountains, lush color everywhere you look, and sunshine almost every day of the year, but we’re missing the vast ocean blue at our beck and call. Here’s to dreaming of a beach vacation in this space!

Daily Digs | Colorful Surf Cottage Daily Digs | Colorful Surf Cottage Daily Digs | Colorful Surf Cottage

Daily Digs | Colorful Surf Cottage

Room design found here

How about you? Are you ready for spring or are you still in the winter dream? Our DENY Artists fit perfectly into the spring fever. We picked our favorites that inspired us for this room:

Daily Digs | Colorful Surf Cottage

Daily Digs | Colorful Surf Cottage

See the Surf Cottage Inspired Collection here!

Hawaiian style

Saving your place in line in Hawaii.

This is what I love about Hawaii. It’s definitely laid back. When you are on Hawaiian time, what that means if you want something done right away that means it’s urgent, on the mainland that happens in the same day within hours. If it is whatever it may be “urgent” in Hawaii you may get it done within 2 weeks. The word “urgent” does not exist in Hawaii. Now I don’t know if that’s because it is a tropical climate, whether the attitude is so relaxed, or what but one thing is for sure when you move to Hawaii you really learn what it means to chill.
This photo typifies the laid back island lifestyle vibe….I thought it was hilarious!
For some of my Hawaiian art go to …

Check out the surf!


Love this wave? You can get it on a shower curtain, clock, sheets, duvet cover, even your pillow. 25-30 foot waves on Oahu’s North Shore, this is Waimea!

Fashion week Paris/ My “Perfect Day” pillow

paris, fashion week, spring, 2013, street style, home decor, art, creative, pillow, living, styleStreet style snap // here

Shop the designs here:

PERFECT DAY by Deb Haugen


BE YOUR OWN HERO by Happee Monkee

Thought this was a pretty cool ad from Deny designs and correlating with Paris Fashion week! Thats MY pillow on top!


Hey cool breadfruit mama!


I’m so into my tropicals right now. I think it has to be the fact that I haven’t been in Hawaii for about 3 months now, my tan is gone, and it’s friggin freezing in Malibu.

I need to get back and warm my bones in the sun at the lagoon with my daughter ……am I now a snow bird…oh god no thats what the locals in Hawaii call the tourists who come in the winter.

Please No.

I’ll be there shortly, really I will.


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