Camellias are like hidden secrets


I feel like I found a prize, that just keeps giving and giving. There are so many options with this lowly little flower. It’s kind of like a human being, so many looks. How is that? Isn’t that just wild when you think about it? No one looks exactly like anyone else, except ofcourse for identical twins. This struck me as so mind bending, as I studied the camellia trees and their new blooms, I saw little faces none of them exactly alike.

We have certain characteristics blue eyes, blonde hair, etc. But try drawing someone then the next person, and you will soon see the dilemma, the nuances, subtle, it’s all about a certain balance. The most beautiful, as society states, are those faces that are very balanced, their features measure almost identical, I learned this in art school. Take your pointer finger and thumb and measure from the bottom of your nose to the top of your eyebrow, if you slide this across your face to your ear it should be the same size. Measurements like this happen all over your face. Your mouth width to eye length, etc. There is symmetry, there is a perfection, and an almost mathematical system of proportion going on. You’ll learn this in an anatomical drawing class.

But, I’m not drawn or attracted to that to that. I’m drawn to the withered petals on the bush, I look for the quirkiness, for the imperfections on the petals. I find that to be the most fascinating. That’s why I fell in love with Diane Arbus, she fell in love with the eccentricities of life. That’s what I seek on the camellia bush, the odd, the misshapen, the dying petals…..they’re so much more interesting.

It’s that way with people too. I like to see the depths, the layers, and the history. Always look for the hidden it’s much more intriguing.


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My art in the Crate and Barrel Spring catalog!


I cannot put into words how incredibly stoked I am to be a part of a retail store like Crate and Barrel.  Me…….. just lil ol Deb Haugen-the organic artist from Malibu!

I feel so validated, because I have such mad respect for their overall vision!

First….they ROCK! Their style is just pure perfection to my eyes! They are cool and breezy, or also warm and fuzzy when they need to be. They are slick, and smooth and ultra MODern in a good comfortable way. They are home, and comfort, and trend, and natural. They are organic and just feel damn good to your soul.

Can you tell I love them? Yikes!

I think they love my ART too………I am so, so honored to be in their stores and catalogs……LOOK for more goodness to come, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to contain myself come this Fall……I may just turn into a quivering mass of lime jello! Haaaaaa It’s a good thing! Keep watching for new news and new art!

THANK YOU to their CEO, SASCHA BOPP…… for your amazing vision!

Stella trolling for a good sailor man….

trolling for sailorsfr

Another Stella story……Stella is out trolling for a good sailor man. You see this all the time, it’s just that their intentions don’t show so blatantly, but here it is I’ve put a visual to Stella’s intentions. And of course her loyal pets await her on the beach as always.

This is just one of the latest of my new collages….see more here….

Where can you buy my ART?

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Please visit my new site at…..


Sometimes it feels great to have a talent…

This is a school in Africa that I donated a painting to. Look at those amazing kids with those smiles! Isn’t it great that I can do something I love and that it benefits children all the way on the other side of the globe, really amazing to me.

Artists get hit up all the time to donate their art. When it comes to kids, I can’t resist, and when I got this photo my heart melted. I really don’t care what they got and how much for my painting, it’s just that I know I might have made a small difference in some child’s life THAT is what’s important.

Soooo, do what you can, when you can…….. ALL OF THE TIME!

Be a friend to the world, it will smile back on you in so many ways. Too many people think with all the political BS going on about all the terror in the world, the unrest, government and political nightmares. I say….There is still a lot of good, wonderful, amazing things happening in this world everyday, and I choose to see those things. It’s a certain way you hold the Universe, and how you relate, and how you see yourself a part of it all.

I’m here to see the positive, do the positive. I guess when you’ve had a near death experience that changes the axis on which you balance your life, I’m sure that has something to do with it.

I really love my  life!

the painting I donated…..Coiling….36 x 36 acrylic , ink, graphite, on canvas

Brunhilda, a kick ass kinda girl

Brunhilda……18 x 24

multi media on canvas


My husband sometimes calls me Brunhilda. I always thought that she was a witch,  I did this piece for her.

Initially known as a liberal ruler of great political acumen, she became notorious for her cruelty and avarice.

Brunhilda was raised as an Arian Christian, but upon her marriage to Sigebert, converted to Roman Catholicism. In general, she protected the church and treated Pope Gregory the Great with great respect. He wrote a series of positive letters to her; in 597 he wrote to her about interdicting pagan rites such as tree worship. Gregory of Tours was another favoured cleric; he was a trusted courtier to her and her son from 587 until his death.

All in all I’d say she was a kick ass kinda girl!

organic art #2

It is a burst of consciousness. It’s what happens when you “get it”. It’s the light bulb going off, and understanding enveloping you. It’s when you can finally get over yourself, step aside, and see something without the history in your eyes. It’s clear and decisive, it is purity.