Art supplies and drooling……






They are my candy. I love trying new techniques, get me in a good art supply store and I’m lost for a couple of hours. Do you know the way a book feels when you first pick it up, just yummy, delish, like there are hidden mysteries inside yet to be discovered? That’s how I feel about a box of colored pencils or new tubes of paint. I feel the possibilities.
It is my drug, my obsession, my drink, my joy and my heroin. 

When most women would rather spend money on shoes or bags, I am content with my green flip flops, but give me a new canvas….I drool, my heart beats a little quicker.

When I look at an empty brand new canvas the universe opens, a golden ray of light hits the canvas, and a choir of angels sing….o.k. I know that’s pretty dramatic but really in my mind thats what I see…..only possibilities.
Honestly I am never torn with insecurities of “oh god what do I paint”?……I just start…I am an artist.
So my words of advice…..find what is special in your heart, to you alone, something that fulfills you, and just start……Just Start.

Rolling Rock                 30 x 40  acrylic, pastel, ink, craphite and marker on canvas