Looks like an island…..in my mind though

Blueberries and Mocha grn tint det

I like the intricacies. Is it OCD, I’m not sure, maybe just a little. I do feel a compulsion to make art. I make art everyday one way or another. Sometimes I have got to throw paint around be brisk, tear it up, splat it, scrub it and mush it about. Other times I get very tiny, miniscule, and tight….the smaller the better, the more repetitions the better I feel. It is a meditation of sorts for me….the rhythm of the pen to paper soothes me. It puts me into the zone I love so much. I’ve talked about it before, it is pure nirvana. This is actually a print in my shop at…..www.theorganicgallery.com


Being grateful….

Being grateful is an all encompassing feeling. It is a warmth that spreads throughout your body, thru your day, and throughout your life. It’s the warm, soft blanket of comforting I wear. It’s my broken down shoes that look just like my feet. It’s the smell of morning rain. Grateful is that cup of soup on a cold evening, or the feel of the book you are just finishing.
I don’t mind being completely enveloped by grateful. I’m grateful to be alive every day. www.theorganicgallery.com


Art supplies and drooling……






They are my candy. I love trying new techniques, get me in a good art supply store and I’m lost for a couple of hours. Do you know the way a book feels when you first pick it up, just yummy, delish, like there are hidden mysteries inside yet to be discovered? That’s how I feel about a box of colored pencils or new tubes of paint. I feel the possibilities.
It is my drug, my obsession, my drink, my joy and my heroin. 

When most women would rather spend money on shoes or bags, I am content with my green flip flops, but give me a new canvas….I drool, my heart beats a little quicker.

When I look at an empty brand new canvas the universe opens, a golden ray of light hits the canvas, and a choir of angels sing….o.k. I know that’s pretty dramatic but really in my mind thats what I see…..only possibilities.
Honestly I am never torn with insecurities of “oh god what do I paint”?……I just start…I am an artist.
So my words of advice…..find what is special in your heart, to you alone, something that fulfills you, and just start……Just Start.

Rolling Rock                 30 x 40  acrylic, pastel, ink, craphite and marker on canvas


French music melts…..






 prints-on-wood-logoI just love this new co. , Well new to me. They also have great customer service I called them last week for advice and they helped me with everything and were extremely patient with me since I had not used the site before and had many questions. Bravo!

Purple Swamp

Swamp Waters cu2 purplehaze

Purple Swamp is a place that only exists in my mind, or is it?

I’ve seen this some where before….

Is it scary?

Or beautiful?

It’s all up to you!


My new collection for Crate and Barrel!!!!!

“Earths Rhythm” for Crate and Barrel stores!

Artist Deb Haugen’s abstract compositions pulse with the rhythm and flux she so keenly observes in nature. In this series of three prints, she explores the passage of time, sectioning life’s processes into dynamic representations of birth, growth and decay. Using sweeping painterly gestures balanced with minutely detailed marks, she creates intriguing worlds that burst forth with creative energy and intricate complexity. Each print of the artist’s original is reproduced as a giclée print on paper, presented under glass in a matte black frame crafted of finger-jointed plantation pine.


cat-earth-rhythms-ii-print collection

cat-earth-rhythms-i-print muck and mirecat-earth-rhythms-ii-printcat-earth-rhythms-iii-print

             Thank You Crate and Barrel…..I love you guys!

                   Your style is the best xxxxxxxDeb

Emerging Artists Group today! woooo weeeeee

onekingslane page

I am in the “Emerging Artists group show today! I’m so stoked about it, I can’t help it! To be in the company of such talented people…… Wow!

Go to  http://www.OneKingsLane.com

I’m just so pleased that I am with great artists, and I do love One Kings Lane taste. They are without a doubt one of the most innovative of all the 72 hour sales online.

My Hula Girl shower curtain featured!


Daily Digs | Tropical Paradise

Tropical Paradise | Daily Digs

Take your room to funky town in today’s Daily Digs! This room is FULL of bright color and everything tropical. We think this look would be perfect for a vacation home or for that bright and eccentric individual that LOVES color as much as we do. Photographed by rockstar Polly Wreford, this space screams out in glorious energy in it’s color and spunk.

Think you can handle the fun? We put together an inspired collection from our DENY Artists to help you rise to the challenge!

Tropical Paradise | Daily Digs Tropical Paradise | Daily Digs

Room images via here

Shop the entire Tropical Paradise Collection here!

Tropical Paradise | Daily Digs

See the Tropical Paradise Collection here!

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